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The Photo Lounge

Open air photo booth  

The chic Portland photo booth without the “booth” – Pdx Photo Lounge is a mobile high energy photo shoot that is perfect for special events of all sizes. Our lounge is a mini studio complete with colorful backdrops, professional lighting, instant printing, and a real photographer to run the camera (ensuring each image is perfect). Green screen, and instant social sharing is also available! 

Big enough to comfortably fit a group of 12 and small enough for a single portrait, our photo lounge comes with a variety of fun props that are sure to delight your guests. Our photographers also encourage guests to get wild and silly. Think outside the photo booth!

The Party Box

touchscreen photo booth 

Our Party Box is a touchscreen photo booth that allows your guests to take wild an silly photos just like a classic style photo booth would. Step into the light, touch the screen and 3-2-1 strike a pose! Once you've taken your photos you can print them instantly, share on social media, create a flashy GIF, or e-mail the pictures directly to yourself. The party box also works with green screen so you can choose litterely any backdrop you want! 

We even have an onsite attendant to make sure no questions are left unanswered. 

Slow Motion Booth

Slow Motion Video Booth 

Lights, camera, action! Bring your booth to the next level and see all your guests in slow motion! Guests step in front of the camera and kiss, laugh, blow bubbles, jump for joy, and have an all around great time. Then we take the special slow motion footage, edit it to your favorite music and send it to you to enjoy for years to come! 

Face and Body Painting 

talented artistic design

from kids face painting to professional body painting. Let us give your guests a makeover that will be sure to delight all ages. We can focus on carnival style face painting for the kiddos or fine art painting for a more refined experience. 

Roaming Photographer

with sharing kiosk 

Let our photographer roam your event and take some awesome pictures. Your guests can check out our social media tablet and printing Kiosk and print or share any of the photos they like! Then after the event we edit the pictures, post them to a gallery, Facebook album and send you a disk! 

Selfie Station

keep it simplE 

Let us set the stage for your guests to take awesome selfies! We'll put up an sweet backdrop, bring some props, and provide a selfie stick so party goers can snap and share. 

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