The Photo Lounge

Professional Photographer photo booth 

Our photo lounge is more than a booth, it's a mobile photo studio that will take your party to the next level. We are the only professional photographer photo booth in Portland.

Our photographer captures amazing images of you and your guests providing a high energy photo shoot that is perfect for special events of all sizes. The Photo Lounge is big enough to comfortably fit a group of 12 and small enough for a single portrait and it comes with a variety of fun props that are sure to delight your guests. Choose from one of our many awesome backdrop options. Our photographers encourage guests to get wild and silly and think outside the photo booth!

Best of all we print your photos on the spot and everyone gets a copy! Want your guests to remember the event? Custom brand your prints with a special message or company logo.

The Party Box

Self Service photo booth 

Our Party Box is a touchscreen photo booth with a classy antique look. If you’re looking for a self serve photo booth option this is for you! Our booth comes with professional lighting built in. Step into the light, touch the screen, and 3-2-1, strike a pose! Once the party box has taken your photos you can print them instantly and share them on social media. You can also create flashy animated GIFs and e-mail or text the pictures to yourself.

Have a question about how the booth works? Need an extra print? There’s an awesome attendant right there on site to help you out. Want a more private experience? Book the booth without the attendant.