What is it?

What is the photo lounge??? It's a mobile high-energy photo shoot with a professional photographer, props, and instant printing! What's so cool about it? No more squeezing you and all your friends into a tiny booth! Our photo lounge is big enough to fit a group of 10 people in one image and small enough for a nice portrait. But who gets to keep the prints? Everyone does!!! We print a photo for everyone in each picture and for special events like weddings we even print an extra of every photo for the bride and groom. Add on a photo book with pens and we’ll have all your guests put your copy in a photo album and write you a personal message that you can keep and remember for years to come! Not to mention that as the client you get every high-resolution image edited to perfection and shared with you after the event, plus we'll upload to Facebook if you want and we have a super cool online gallery where you can order memorabilia like coffee mugs, mouse pads and t-shirts with your favorite photos on them!

Want to operate the photo booth yourself without a photographer and save a little? Try our party box! It’s a touchscreen photo booth that we custom built! It has an awesome antique look to it, but don’t be fooled it’s super modern. It uses a professional camera to take the images so you still get top quality and the flash unit is professional grade. You even get that cool ring light effect reflected in your sunglasses! What’s even cooler is that every package comes standard with social sharing, instant text, e-mailing, and there’s even a QR Code that you can scan with your phone to get the pictures instantly! Don’t worry about the booth, we always provide a knowledgeable photo guru to set it up, and answer any questions you or your guests have during the event.

The Props

Stick props, smick props, we go all out! Our props are top notch. From super fuzzy vests to rad sunglasses, stick on fake mustaches, to battleaxes, we purchase only the most awesome props! Have a specific theme for your party? Maybe fantasy football or the latest Disney movie, when you purchase our custom prop add-on we’ll buy the props for you! Already have some awesome props or want to provide your own? No problem. All we want is to make you happy!   

Our Photographers

We choose only the most personable and fun loving and professional photographers so that your experience it top notch! Your photographer will help you and your guests find the most fun poses and will capture the photos at the perfect moments! No more waiting for "3,2,1, oops, did I get the image?". Want a re-take? No problem. Eyes closed? We'll take another until we capture and print the perfect photos! Our Photo Lounge will take your event to the next level while making you look totally awesome to your guests.

Do away with the limitations of the classic photo booth. Want a full body portrait with that amazing dress? Since our photographer is taking the picture they can shoot those awesome portrait style shots!

The Equipment

We use real studio cloth backdrops that are 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. For lighting we use professional studio umbrellas and flash units, which cast an even beautiful light on everyone in the picture. Our photos prints don’t fade like other booths. We use high quality heat transfer printers like those in professional photo print shops and it only takes about 30 seconds per print!

Our Photo Lounge is not a boxed photo booth experience! This is a super fun and whacky professional photo shoot with all the props and prints of a photo booth! You can even spice it up by adding green screen, social sharing, face painting or one of our other amazing add-ons.

Our Reputation

Best of all you can trust our reputation. We are one of Portland’s original Photo Booth Companies and have been in business for over 10 years. We have all 5 star reviews on Google and Yelp and have worked with many noteworthy companies including, Nike, Portland State University, Intel, The YMCA and more!

Ready to book your Photo Lounge experience?  

Fun & Love

We absolutely love each and every opportunity we get to photograph a new group of people. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, corporate functions, you name it! We pride ourselves on making your photo booth experience the most fun ever! 

Photography is our passion and each event is a work of art. From our ability to create unique to the event displays of handcrafted designs, luxurious backdrops, and artistic vision. We love what we do and our team is a family!

 We are honored when people choose us to be a part of their special day and it gives us so much joy. Whether it's your wedding, birthday, Bar or Bat Mitzvah, holiday party, or your corporate shindig, we know you are putting your faith in us to make your experience both unique and special. We pride ourselves in offering professional photography that takes your party to the next level.